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Valve launches official Steam Deck repair centers


Valve has announced the official launch of repair centers for its Steam Deck handheld. If the Steam Deck is still under warranty (and since the system isn’t a full year old yet, that would be pretty much all of them right now), the repair center will diagnose the device and, if a repair is needed, fix it at no extra cost. 

“Most folks won’t ever need to use it, but for those of you that do, we want to make sure you’re taken care of,” wrote Valve. Prior to this, Steam Deck owners had to look up a solution on YouTube and fix it themselves. Valve’s repair centers will lessen the risk that comes with self repair, though Valve did point to iFixIt guides for those who want to fix their Decks on their own. 

As examples, Valve stated that “rare” issues with button inputs would be considered an issue covered by the warranty. Conversely, a broken thumbstick, even if the system is still under warranty, wouldn’t be covered. 

Valve continued that it’ll fix Steam Decks not under warranty for an optional fee. If the owner turns down the repair offer, the Steam Deck will be returned to them.  

The repair centers come at the perfect time for the Steam Deck, as Valve has repeatedly stated over the summer that production on the system has continually ramped up. Its release windows keep shifting as a result, and it even recently expanded sales of the device to include East Asia. 


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