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What Does Britain Smell Like? Paul Smith Has the Answer in Home Fragrances Collection


LONDON — Paul Smith is expanding.

The British designer is welcoming home fragrances to his roster of home, women’s and menswear lines.

The inaugural home fragrances collection will include four scents inspired by the designer’s motif of vibrant colors and statement design that will launch in stores and online in September 2022.

Each scent is named after a sentimental moment in Smith’s career. “Botanist” nods to the “clean-cut tailoring” at his first Nottingham store; “Bookworm” points to the stacks of books and papers in his office; “Early Bird” is reminiscent of the iron railings at the London shop, and “Daydreamer” is an ode to long summer holidays, walled herb gardens and cycling at golden hour.

Smith has teamed up with two International Flavors and Fragrances perfumers, Céline Barrel and Meabh McCurtin, to curate the scents. 

“The journey I’ve been on to create the fragrances for my first candle and diffuser collection has been a fascinating one, guided by some incredible perfumiers,” said Paul Smith, adding that it gave him the chance to reflect on some of his favorite memories and places in his own new way.

“The creative process didn’t end with the fragrance. I was always very keen to place a lot of focus and time on the design of the vessels themselves. I really enjoy the combination of color and light in the containers and I hope that they will become keepsakes in their own right.”

The ingredients for the scents have been sourced from LMR Natural, a renowned supplier of raw materials that sits in line with Smith’s sustainability strategy, which has already seen the brand introduce eco-friendly packaging that’s 100 percent recyclable.

Each colored glass vessel is purposely made to be reused as a vase or jar that’s accompanied by a lid that can be doubled up as a coaster.

Paul Smith entered the world of fragrances in 2000 and has since launched more than a dozen scents. Now your clothes and home can share the same aroma.


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