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Images courtesy of William McWhorter

If you hire Los Angeles-based William McWhorter to design your home, don’t be surprised if he takes a good long look around your closet.  He’s not being prurient; on the contrary,  his interest is entirely professional.  “It helps me figure out whether a client is bold, conservative, etc.,” he says.

McWhorter’s central approach is to create a personalized design that is high on impact.  “We all know that you have about five seconds to make a first impression,” he explains.  “I want to make the visitor remember having been there.”

To this end, McWhorter often plays against people’s expectations, whether it’s combining contemporary art and antique furniture, installing a mobile in the center of room or hanging a tiny piece of art on a disproportionately large expanse of wall.

McWhorter doesn’t hesitate to challenge his clients’ own preconceptions as well. For example, color is a crucial part of the designer’s philosophy. He embraces the expressive power of bold color and encourages his clients to do so as well. “I believe that color expands people’s lives,” he says.

In many ways, McWhorter sees himself as a kind of aesthetic guide, which means not only educating his clients on the  principles of design, but also—and perhaps more importantly—opening them up to new ways of seeing. 


William Field McWhorter, II, A.S.I.D.

5042 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 208

Los Angeles, California



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