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YouTuber leaves podcast viewers torn with argument over girlfriend taking his surname


YouTuber leaves podcast viewers torn over argument with girlfriend taking his name


YouTube stars Ethan Payne and Faith Kelly sparked a debate among their fans after bickering about marriage, with Kelly claiming Payne “won’t propose” to her because she doesn’t want to take his surname.

Speaking on their Growing Paynes podcast, Kelly argued that she doesn’t “want to lose my association with my family” – leaving Payne “irked” as she used Love Island star Olivia Attwood Dack as an example.

“All you do is f***ing repeat this name,” Payne argued, claiming that she would be “bottling it” by not taking his last name.

Their discussion has since gone viral with over 10 million views on X/Twitter alone and viewers have been left divided.

Some branded Payne’s opinion a “red flag”, while others claimed he was “100 per cent in the right”.

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