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A designer’s sketch of the Zeydon Z60. © BMW AG.

INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR BY BMW GROUP DESIGNWORKSUSA THE CONCEPT: Start-up Belgian yacht company Zeydon teamed up with BMW Group DesignworksUSA’s Munich studio on a unique project: a 60-foot offshore yacht that would seamlessly integrate the sports cruiser and pure luxury categories.“The idea of creating a completely new identity for a yacht that included the opportunity to work in the most innovative ways very much appealed to us,” reveals Design Director Laurenz Schaffer. “Consequently, BMW Group DesignworksUSA was incorporated into the conceptual, initial phases of the project, which allowed us to let our solutions efficiently develop in terms of design, space provision, hydrodynamics, and technology.”

THE DESIGN: “The greatest challenge was to create a consistent and authentic attitude for this premium yacht while combining an exterior design focusing on performance attributes with an interior design suggesting uncompromising luxury,” details Schaffer.“While the exterior design displays performance-oriented functionality and effortless handling, the interior provides generous space while creating a lounge atmosphere offering maximum comfort. To give this space an emphasis, bright colors were carefully placed in areas at eye level and we focused on the exposure of the interior to natural light from above as well as from the reflecting water surfaces, creating an optimized space perception.”


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