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The BMW CS Concept. © BMW AG.


THE CONCEPT: Since it was first unveiled at the 2007 Shanghai Car Show, BMW’s CS Concept— yet to be available for sale to the public—has had auto enthusiasts’ mouths watering.A clean-lined, intricately layered interior design by Senior Designer Nadya Arnaout complements the luxury car’s sleek outer appearance, providing the driver and passengers with the crème-de-la-crème of driving experience.“The CS Concept really hovers around the heart of what BMW really is,” says Chris Chapman, Director of Automotive and Transportation Design. “This is an example of where two con- cepts from BMW—limousine and sports car—come together and coexist in a really pure statement.”

THE DESIGN: “The most challenging thing with the CS was to make such a large car look pretty lightweight, and we achieved that with a layering theme all over,” says Arnaout. “The material and color breakdown was organized to have a certain material assigned to a certain function. For example, the armrest and the areas that you interact with are soft, suede material for comfort, and then every upper material is dark because of reflection issues in interiors.We’ve broken it up in that aspect to have the layering and the different levels as well as the strong color contrast breaking up the big volume and visual weight in the interior.”


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