Free Arts For Abused Children

[caption id="attachment_1999" align="alignnone" width="577"]Free Arts for Abused Children organizes a number of programs where art provides a creative outlet for participating kids. Images courtesy of Free Arts for Abused Children. [/caption]

Free Arts for Abused Children works with homeless, abused and at-risk children through visual arts, music, dance and poetry. In 2007, 460 volunteers worked with more than 26,000 Los Angeles area children, helping to transform their lives.

Karrah Lompa, director of the organization, explains that children who have experienced unsafe environments often “protect” themselves from hurt and pain by disconnecting from their feelings and separating from relationships. “Free Arts fosters creative expression, enabling children to cope with the hurt, confusion and life-challenges to translate and describe their anger, fears, hopes and dreams in positive ways,” she says, adding that “connecting abused, homeless and at-risk children to caring community volunteers” is her own, personal passion.

Lompa cites the example of Tiffany, age 16, as a Free Arts for Abused Children success story. Says the teen, “My experience with this program taught me that with my every emotion and imperfection I can create a powerful and moving masterpiece!”

Volunteer Alicia Galindo shares a similar sentiment towards the organization. “You can’t help but bond with the children,” she reveals. “In my programs, I try to create a safe haven where teens can relax and enjoy the process of creating. Mutual trust and respect keep me coming back to this facility, and the children keep asking me to return. Free Arts has allowed me to share my passion for the arts with this special population of children.”