From The Basement


This level of detail by the “From The Basement” team is necessary in its execution. Where other filmed sessions can feel part of a larger machine, its only aim is to utilize the highest level of production techniques to share, and honor, an artist’s craft. In fact for Nigel it can often “feel like I am doing a service,” he says. 

In doing so, “From The Basement” manages to let an audience peek more into the gestures of each member of the band. Like how Mark will let out a deep breath in the millisecond before a song begins, for example, or how drummer Jon Beavis’ eyes often appear closed while never missing a beat. As Nigel puts it: “When IDLES are really going for it, it’s like you’ve taken a watch apart and you’re watching everything move in synchronicity. When you watch that in two dimensions on a screen it’s a direct version of the very intimate performance they give on stage. That’s the point, to capture that ‘thing’ and make people feel that they’re in the safety of an environment where they can fuck up, they can be nervous.”