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Image Innovator, Dr. Payman Simoni

When a man or woman comes in for a consultation, they’re often looking to enhance their features to conform to today’s standards of beauty, perpetuated on the TV and in films.

His facelifts are surgical procedures done with local anesthesia, where body parts are numbed and the patient remains sitting up and awake. The results are more accurate and natural looking, but this wasn’t always the case.

The taut facelifts of yesteryear were more common when a patient was lying unconscious on a table during a surgery. More guesswork was involved pulling the skin in the right direction to get the desired effect. If a plastic surgeon was off by a few millimeters, the end result was an unmistakable artificial look, provoking the inevitable comments about the awful facelift.

When Simoni changed to “no anesthesia” surgery five years ago, he was looking for a safer way, motivated by the tragic death of First Wives Club author Olivia Goldsmith, who suffered complications from anesthesia during a facelift under the care of another plastic surgeon.

Immediately, women all over canceled their facelifts. It got Simoni thinking how he could offer a “whole new way of doing surgery.” Only later did he notice that the by-product of doing safer surgery with local anesthesia was achieving more accurate and natural results.

Simoni aims for subtle, beautiful faces. His website has a gallery of impressive before and after pictures of patients whose smiles tell the whole story. Like a potter working with clay, his magic hands mold the features of his patients and push them closer to perfection.

Satisfied patients leave his care more youthful in appearance or with the right nose that complements their other features. They come to his Beverly Hills office from as far away as Japan, England and Germany.

He wants it to be known that he differs from some of his other colleagues: “You know, the best surgeons have less of a God-complex,” he says.