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JANUS et Cie


Her company’s name points to its grounding in classical ele- ments complemented by advancements made possible by modern technology.“Janus is the Roman god of two heads—one looking backwards and one looking forwards,” cites the well-schooled designer. The “et Cie” means “and company”—she doesn’t create alone and highly values the energy of her associates.

Indeed, her affinity for past greats stretches itself to a more personal level for this furnishings visionary. Feldman cites a fond- ness for Leonardo da Vinci because of his ability to draw so well. “All art and creation comes from drawing,” she states.“It remains close to the heart.”

Feldman describes the aesthetic of all JANUS et Cie furniture as “driven by beauty.” Her Yogi-inspired Balance collection fulfills on many counts—it looks good, it’s very practical and it’s multi- functional.“It’s a beautiful combination of technology and craft,” she says. Balance bench, table and chairs are made of high-tensile, stripped steel, galvanized and powder-coated, and of premium teak selectively harvested from high-grade plantations.

“The bench can be just a bench, and then when you attach the back, you can relax, leaning back to have your lunch, read a book or sketch. This is a multi-tasking product for the multi-tasking person,” says Feldman.

Multi-taskers, take note. 


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