Kathy Taslitz

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[caption id="attachment_2045" align="alignnone" width="577"]Kathy Taslitz with Calm table. Images courtesy of Kathy Taslitz. [/caption]

Kathy Taslitz wants people to see themselves in her designs—literally. The Chicago-based designer’s debut collection of sculptural furniture, Pieces of Ourselves, employs a range of rich, weighty, and sometimes reflective materials which enable the viewer to interact with the pieces in a unique way.

The daughter of an artist, this photographer-turned-interior designer most recently was inspired to create furniture pieces with a distinctly personal point of view. “I wanted the project to tell a story,” Taslitz explains. “It starts with our roots and moves toward a more global perspective.” The entire collection is heavily inspired by nature, incorporating roots, branches and leaves with discernible veins that are often juxtaposed with more industrial imagery such as stainless steel chain link.

“I like the contrast of urban and natural,” she says.  To underscore the artistic nature of Pieces of Ourselves, Taslitz has published a book to accompany the collection. And, while the text is partly a guide to the designer’s philosophy and intent, the designer is quick to reveal that she derives enormous pleasure—and often inspiration—from her clients’ own reactions and interpretations, enabling her to see her own work in a brand new light.  


313 West Superior

Chicago, IL 60610