Marguerite Rodgers

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Designer Marguerite Rodgers is never one to miss an opportunity, though she has been known to see opportunity in strange places. “Some of my best work comes out of solving a problem,” the Philadelphia-based designer says. Perhaps this outlook is why she is one of the country’s leading and most sought-after interior designers.

Although she has a portfolio replete with high-end commercial and private projects, Rodgers is a true product of her rugged Maine roots. She and her four siblings were raised to be “capable,”  she reveals and this fact, combined with a degree in woodworking and over 30 years in the business, has resulted in a remarkable understanding of materials and a great respect for the tradespeople who help make her design vision a reality. “A designer is only as good as the workers,” she says.

Rodgers dreams up spaces that are comfortable, livable, and always have a certain softness—even in the context of a more modern aesthetic. But that can’t happen until Rodgers has done due diligence in understanding the client and his or her lifestyle. The result, she says, should not look “done,” but beautiful. Rodgers considers it a huge compliment when guests are not quite sure whether a designer was used or not.   


Marguerite Rodgers Ltd.

2131 N. American Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania