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Market Moments: Bravest Studios Opens L.A. Pop-up for Druski Capsule


Bravest Studios touched down in Los Angeles on Saturday to open its first pop-up in the city, in partnership with comedian and internet personality Druski.

The one-day pop-up was in support of a capsule collection with Druski that includes graphic mesh shorts in co-branded and camo patterns with the phrase “4 Lifers,” a white T-shirt with a printed vest that nods to Druski’s favorite accessory, and hats and T-shirts inspired by 360 record deals, a type of business relationship where a music industry company provides financial and other support to an artist, such as direct advances, marketing, promotion and touring support. Artists have criticized 360 deals in the past as exploitative.

The pop-up was located at 427 North Fairfax Avenue. Prices for the collection range from $28 to $74.

The music-related pieces reference Druski’s Instagram Live show, called Coulda Been Records, where he supports aspiring rappers to freestyle rap. Artists Drake and Lil Yachty have appeared on the show. Druski also highlighted the Bravest release on the show’s latest episode on Friday.


Comedian Druski in the Bravest Studios x Druski capsule. Courtesy Photo

“The collection mixes a commentary on modern pop culture — financial literacy in hip-hop is a major macro trend — with elements from all facets of fashion from the runway to hunting,” said Bravest Studios founder Andrew Xu. “Druski and this collection offer a commentary on the modern music industry, while infusing aesthetic elements from seemingly distant worlds: runway designers’ archival pieces to outdoor hunting brands.”

Xu founded Bravest in 2020 first as a passion project before working on the brand full time. The brand has hosted four pop-ups to date in New York City and Chicago and teamed with Pop Smoke’s team on a collection to promote the late artist’s second posthumous album, “Faith,” and with production company Creative Control on merchandise supporting Netflix documentary “Jeen-Yuhs.”