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The Los Angeles Art Association accepts the Art to Life Award


Peter Mays, executive director of the LAAA, explains that the organization finds emerging artists not yet known by more conventional galleries, then mentors them in a holistic manner. Dan Goldman, gallery manager, adds, “This organization is unique in Los Angeles. It nurtures the careers of emerging artists without the emphasis on salability.”

“The organization is experiencing a true renaissance,” says Shelley Reid, an attorney at Fox TV and LAAA board member. “This historic visual arts non-profit will be a moving force in cultivating and guiding the best and brightest in the Los Angeles emerging art scene. It is truly the most exciting cultural environment in Los Angeles.”

York Chang, also an attorney, adds, “I was an artist member for several years, and now serve as chair of the board of directors. Gallery 825 brings together an unprecedented audience of respected critics, curators, and art patrons who support these artists’ projects and work.”




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