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We put two colour-changing blushes head to head to find out which is worthy of the TikTok hype


Powder, cream and liquid are just some of the different types of blush that are commonly used and with new beauty launches dropping like hot cakes in more than enough shades, finishes and price points to suit everyone’s needs, it begs the question of which to try first.

Thanks to apps like TikTok giving us more accessibility to shop our favourite celebrities’ red carpet looks, we’ve seen a particular influx in viral beauty products. From Dior’s backstage rosy glow to Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood contour wand, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will get all the hype next.

With blush having a serious moment in the make-up world, it came as no surprise when we discovered that not one but two blushers were frequenting our TikTok “for you” page recently. Due to their unique colour-changing formulas and ultra glowy finishes, we just had to see what all the fuss was about. The two unusual blushers come from indie beauty brands Youthforia and Espressoh.

The first colour-changing blush oil that we’ll be deep-diving into is BYO blush by Youthforia (£20.75, Beautybay.com) a super buildable blush oil that is green in the bottle but reacts to the skin’s natural pH level to create a unique pinky glow that suits all skin tones and types. It reacts differently to each person’s skin, so no two finishes will look the same.

And the second blush in question is glassy blush by the glass by Espressoh (£23, Espressoh.shop) which also reacts to your skin’s pH to unveil a dewy and highlighting pop of colour to the cheeks. With similarities in product claims and prices, we put both formulas to the test to see which colour-changing blush would come out on top.

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How we tested

We reviewed both products for two weeks while using the exact same skincare and make-up products beforehand for a fairer test. Our tester was already a fan of Youthforia’s BYO blush but alternated between the two. Both blushers were applied with the same style of make-up brush.

Our tester typically wears make-up on a daily basis and often doesn’t get time to reapply any products throughout the day. We wore both products for several hours at a time to see which had a more straightforward application and by the end of the several hours, which still looked intact. Here’s which one pushed the boat for us.

Youthforia BYO blush, 6.5ml

Rating: 10/10

Right off the bat, we were mesmerised by the encapsulating green-coloured oil inside this bottle. As previously mentioned, the blush reacts to the skin’s natural pH for an instant natural flush of colour that can be easily built up for a highlighting glow. The blush is formulated with 20 skin-friendly and plant-based ingredients including jojoba which is commonly used for its soothing and hydrating properties on the skin.

As well as boasting skin-loving ingredients, the blush oil is vegan, cruelty-free and fragrance-free, making it suitable for several different skin types. The oil is super lightweight and within seconds of being on the skin, it turns transparent and begins to turn into a universally flattering glow. Our tester found there to be no stickiness or oiliness with the formula.

The blush can be used on bare skin or over the top of make-up; we loved wearing it both ways. Importantly, it didn’t pill when used over skincare (this is when a product doesn’t sit properly on the skin and collects on the surface). The brand encourages people to apply two dots of the blush oil to begin with, and then apply more for a buildable colour.

Costing £26 usually, the blush oil is on sale at the moment for just over £20. At full price it is a bit steep, but its multi-use nature means you get a blush and highlight all in one. It contains 6.5ml of product which is more than other liquid-based blushers on the market.

Espressoh glassy blush by the glass, 3.5ml

Rating: 8/10

Similarly to Youthforia, Espressoh’s blush is a pH reactive formula that looks different on every person depending on their skin tone and pH. Many of  EspressOh’s product offerings, including the blush, contain some form of caffeine oil which is great for skin hydration. The formula is both vegan and cruelty-free.

The blush sits in a glass pot with quite a noticeably thick consistency, but once applied to the cheeks the formula sinks in for a lightweight feel. The blush is transparent in the glass but when exposed to the skin changes into a real dewy pink, which our tester found comes on much quicker than the BYO blush.

The phrase “a little goes a long way” couldn’t be more true for this tiny pot. The brand recommends applying a tiny amount of product to the cheeks and blending it out. If you then find you want to build it up more, continue adding more blush until you reach your desired look.

This blush actually contains less product at 3.5ml, making it half the amount you get with the BYO blush. After first use, our tester was impressed with just how hydrating and silky smooth the blush felt on her cheeks, melting in effortlessly. Despite being smaller in size, it’s ordinarily a little cheaper than the Youthforia blush and people may find the pot-styled packaging to be more convenient.

The verdict: Youthforia BYO blush vs Espressoh glassy blush by the glass

With many positive similarities between the two blushers, from the unique colour-changing formula that we’re certain is paving the way for other brands, our tester found it extremely difficult to reach a verdict, alas, one product stood out just that bit more.

While the Espressoh blush is usually slightly more affordable and has more of an intense pigment, our tester found that as the blush pot didn’t include any tools for application, it was a lot less convenient to use on the go, whereas Youthforia’s BYO blush doe foot applicator allows for better application and makes less mess. The formula was also a lot more lightweight and didn’t feel heavy, making it a better choice for all skin types. Thanks to these small but noticeable differences, Youthforia comes out on top.

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