A Cast of Thousands

[caption id="attachment_1547" align="alignnone" width="577"]Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr. and Commissioner General José Villarreal stand proud with a group of USA Pavilion Student Ambassadors[/caption]

Behind the Scenes of the USA Pavilion

The heart and soul of the USA Pavilion springs from many sources. It derives from the founders, the devoted staffers and volunteers, and the supportive sponsors.

Without the backing of such companies as Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, GE, Chevron, and Citi, and unwavering energy from the Pavilion team, Expo visitors would not have known the joy of the USA Pavilion, or the many faces who have brought smiles to millions for 184 straight days.

“It’s truly a global effort to put together the USA Pavilion,” said Martin Alintuck, USA Pavilion Director of Communications. “There is a cast of thousands, and I think it stretches all the way from New York to Washington DC to California to Beijing to Shanghai. If I were trying to list everybody, I don’t think there would be enough memory in this recorder.”

The Pavilion, like a luxury hotel or Broadway theater, is a precise operation with the goal of producing big-top thrills, five-star service, and tasty treats. “It’s an ideal venue for visitors to get a glimpse into the essence of America,” said Robert Roche, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. “The Pavilion reflects the diversity and optimism of America, illustrates the value of collaboration in its public-private partnerships, and extends the spirit of community through the dedication of the USAP staff, as well as the international and local volunteers.”

Every day 35,000 visitors go through the Pavilion, and to guarantee their visit is enjoyable, over 800 staffers and volunteers are working to make it happen, from management to lighting technicians to the clean-up crew. From sponsors to staffers, from advisors to volunteers, the Pavilion has many unsung heroes. We thank them all for a job well done.