Art Now & Red Dot

[caption id="attachment_2086" align="alignnone" width="577"]At Art Now. Image courtesy of Art Now/Red Dot.[/caption]

George Billis, Founder

Although George Billis has owned a reputable art gallery in Manhattan and Los Angeles for some time, he is a relative newcomer to the art fair world. Three years ago, though, he ventured forth, founding two up-and-coming art shows: Red Dot and Art Now. Both occupy a unique niche:  they provide an avenue for artists and galleries excluded from other art shows.

Red Dot is primarily a painting fair for mid-career galleries who are more traditional.  It runs three times a year in three cities: New York, Miami, and London. Each show has, on average, 45 dealers exhibiting.

The more avant-garde Art Now caters to younger, cutting-edge, and emerging artists and galleries. Art Now runs twice annually in New York and Miami’s South Beach.

Among the exhibitors is a host of interesting galleries from around the world, including Ginocchio Galeria in Mexico, Cynthia Corbett in London, Artepuy from Caracas, Venezuela, and Gomez, a fine art dealer in Puerto Rico.

Aside from the interesting exhibitors, the shows have been well attended by artists, collectors, and museum professionals. “I’m happy with the attendance…and feel the art shows are fulfilling their purpose: to give expression to artists and galleries not represented by other art shows,” reveals Billis.