Columbia College Hollywood

[caption id="attachment_1733" align="alignnone" width="577"] Renderings of Columbia College Hollywood by Deegan Day Design. Images courtesy of the architect. [/caption]

Designed by Deegan Day Design

Here’s an idea for that empty space in your office building-turned-film school: Fill it with tiny movie theaters, each large enough to seat only a few people. All those tiny theaters would be packed together so tightly that the big room containing them will become a memorable place, maybe even an industry hangout. That is the novel proposal put forward by Deegan Day Design (DDD) for Columbia College Hollywood in Tarzana, California.

Inhabiting the former Panavision headquarters in the West San Fernando Valley, CCH already has a reputation in the film industry as a reliable hatchery of production talent. The school would like to attract more industry visitors to check out student films; the square-shouldered corporate building and its out-of-the-way location fail to generate much excitement, however. Few visitors will be bored, though, when they enter this room of five cone-shaped micro-buildings, all fitting together snugly inside a single large space, resembling a set of trumpets packed hurriedly into a suitcase. Each cone-shaped enclosure is a miniature movie theater, functioning as both a small classroom and student film showcase. (The conical shape of the classrooms is inspired by the flare of film projection.)

The architects predict the multi-theater cluster would be catnip for Industry people to gather and watch screenings. “We are hoping to make the school into a center of cultural activity,” says DDD principal Joe Day. With architecture this provocative, that goal may be possible: Columbia’s hive of little theaters would be exciting even if it weren’t in the Valley.