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The Embraer jet’s cabin. © BMW AG.


THE CONCEPT: When Sao Paulo-based aircraft manufacturer Embraer came to BMW Group DesignworksUSA, it charged Creative Director Magnus Aspegren and his team with the task of reinventing the executive mid-size jet. From this request, Aspegren et al. birthed a sleek design operating on “Intelligent Luxury”, a concept that ques- tions the traditional definition of luxury as it applies to high-end travel. “Luxury has just been focused on visual stimulation,” says Aspegren. “What we worked really hard on with the Embraer aircraft was to try to go beyond just visual stimulation. For us, luxury involved an experi- ence of the interior; it’s the interior of an aircraft being more consid- erate to your needs as opposed to just more gold and more fur.”

THE DESIGN: One of the big parts in the airplane that is used is the seat, and the seat was something that we spent a great deal of effort on,” explains Aspegren. “We altered the function of the heavy, traditional seats and, through the seat design, made the interior appear lighter and more spacious. Lighting and material were a big part as well.”


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