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Todd Williamson

Williamson’s musical acuity has a tangible background: he graduated with a degree in music from Nashville’s Belmont University in 1988. “If you get in my car, I have ten radio stations programmed, from rock to country to classical. All music fills me up and inspires me, and my work that comes out of that completely demonstrates my mood at the moment, which changes daily. I think my iPod would make most people go insane,” he says with a laugh.

Born and raised in Alabama, Williamson has created work that has been featured in dozens of public and private collections all over the world. As he explains, his process of creation is slightly different from most artists. “I paint backwards to some degree,” he divulges. “I paint the main images first, and the body of the piece—the background colors—are the last thing I paint.”

“My work is about emotions,” he continues. “It’s about chaos and the ability to control the chaos. The lines are the control and the colors are the emotions.  The musicality is the relation that naturally exists between color and music and the lines in my works.” Coming up, Todd has a show at his alma mater’s art gallery, Belmont University’s Leu Art Gallery, showing the tangible connections between music and art—a first at the university.