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Carole Feuerman

Feuerman is most famous for her bathers and swimmers. “I guess I’d characterize my monumental works as ‘magical realism,’” she explains. “I start with a life casting but, like Michelangelo, I exaggerate the feet and hands. I like to push the realism. It’s so subtle, you don’t notice it—the arch of a back, or one hand touching the skin. I exaggerate it to capture a timeless moment where the pieces relate to real people with real feelings.”

Currently, Feuerman is working on a commission of a painted bronze woman in the shower, which will incorporate running water year-round and be installed at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. She is also working on an upcoming show at Forte Belvedere, Florence, where she will feature over 100 sculptures in April and May of 2009.